Measure PP is being challenged!

Don't Mess with our Ridges

Measure PP was enacted in 2008 by the voters of Pleasanton. The same politicians who fought against PP are now working to undermine it by changing the definitions of ridges, structures and slope that were contained in the initiative.

Text in PP: ” Ridgelines and hillsides shall be protected. Housing units and structures shall not be placed on slopes of 25 percent or greater, or within 100 vertical feet of a ridgeline. No grading to construct residential or commercial structures shall occur on hillside slopes 25% or greater, or within 100 vertical feet of a ridgeline."

The proposed Lund Ranch II project would allow a road to be built on slopes greater than 25% and within 100' of ridge. To allow the project to proceed, the Council has arbitrarily decided a ridge is not a ridge and to redefine a road as "infrastructure" rather than a structure to avoid PP restrictions. Such redefinitions could allow other hillside projects to come forward and avoid PP as well. We must say no to changing PP.

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9000 sq ft home in the Oakland Hills. Is this what we want on our ridges?

NO, this is not what we want!

We look forward to working with developer and the community to find a solution that is consistent with the general plan, PP and is acceptable to the Pleasanton residents.

Bulldozers are lined up


They will have to go elsewhere!

Sierra Club don't violate PP

The regional, branch of the Sierra Club says not to violate measure PP with a road on steep slopes or within 100' of a ridge.

What can you do?

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